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News and Updates

July 4th
Pre-Alpha Version

Some new mechanics have been in the works based on user feedback. These mechanics are far from ready but in the meantime you can play one of the original concept maps, based in the 1700s. Also, the AI tank squads have been added to the WW2 maps. Use the link below the video for the Windows version.

Hold The Line Alpha 0.15

Feedback Considerations:
After playing with a few people and talking it over, there were a few good conclusions we came to.

1. A large scale battle is cool, but does it make for good gameplay?

While playing, you often find yourself surrounded by combat while fighting a small engagement yourself. And while you are having an impact, it feels too far removed to really make it seem like progress is being made.

First, a mini-map will help give you a better sense of the battle unfolding and where you need to be.
Second, using some suggestions I received on discord, the ability to enter an overhead command mode where you can issue orders to nearby AI squads will give you more control over each engagement.

2. A multiplayer-based game requires a player-base to really work well.


There is no easy solution here. With so many games out there, its hard to expect a new game to have the community it needs to play well.
The overall game will be refocused from a simple multiplayer, competitive game (although it will remain in the game).

Future Direction:
The future direction will focus on making the primary game-mode a mission based, RPG-like war game. The current game gives a good combat base to work off. To accomplish this, a great deal of content and new mechanics need to be developed. In order to work towards this, I will be starting a separate project which will allow me to experiment with more open-world mechanics while using a graphically simple style.

June 21st
Pre-Alpha Version

I'll keep this nice and short, there is a test version available for download. Give it a try and let me know what you think!
Join me on Discord to leave any comments, bug reports or suggestions. It should be mentioned that the map victory conditions are disabled so you can have time to test around if you'd like.
Hold The Line Pre-alpha (0.1)

June 17th
Greenlit, Gameplay and Discord

Greenlight may be dead, but Hold The Line was among the games selected by Valve to be Greenlit anyway!
As has been suggested, I've setup a discord server for the game, here is the link: (MadChemistLaboratories). Come on in and chat about the game; I'll probably need some help testing soon as well.

Here is a look at one of the maps. The new D-Day map features a seamless air and land assault with multiple phases. As the Allies, start with a chaotic airdrop and move to a beach landing at dawn. As the Axis, try to defend the strategic points and hold the map against a relentless assault. Some of the maps feature changes in the available spawns and unit types as the battle progresses. Check out the video to see some of the gameplay!

The first release will focus on infantry, artillery, base construction and fixed weapons. Tank are working, ready to go and with follow shortly thereafter. Right now I'm integrating Steamworks related features to prepare the steam-ready version. With Steam's network features, it will free up extra time otherwise updating and maintaining the CDN and master servers I've setup. I will still continue to use my own NAT server for host-client connection as it is robust and reliable. Let me hear your thoughts on the gameplay!

June 8th
Graphics Improvements

Up until now, I've been largely focused on gameplay and experimenting with mechanics. In the past few days, I've taken a look at some areas where I could improve the graphics. For some reason, I've been significantly limiting the resolution of textures. So, I've made some higher resolution textures for foliage and terrain, which ultimately are taking up very little extra memory; the environments are looking much better. I've also worked in some post-effects, including bloom, depth-of-field and a distance obscurance. The depth-of-field is very light, only making longer distance objects naturally less sharp while avoiding making the image look blurry to the eyes. I've done some tweaking on the SSAO as well, cause everybody loves that stuff. That darkening where polygons meet satisfying as hell.

Open Alpha Coming Soon!

The soldiers all have new character models now. I worked out some stylized faces for the soldiers to fit the almost cartoon-like look I'm aiming for. I'm still looking for an artist and have been talking to a few. For now though, I will do what I can to improve the overall quality of the models, textures and shaders.

I spent time squashing any of the small bugs this week too. The game is alpha-ready and the networking holds up well in multiplayer tests with several clients. As development progresses, I will gradually make tweaks to the AI; adding and removing various behavior calculations and routines to maintain a balance of smart reactions while preventing gameplay from being disrupted. For example, if infantry encounters a tank, of course they should use any AT weapons they have. But should they fear it and hold position? On one hand, this creates dynamic situations where the tank becomes an obstacle. At the same time, this slows the pace of the game. There are plenty of options to explore; I'll be looking at every aspect to create the kind of atmosphere I'm aiming for. The battle should unfold emergently, but the player must be able to see what options they have to alter the outcome of the fight.


May be I can Help You with Graphics a Bit!

I have a single suggestion that I hope you will think over. As many other game communities have, I suggest you create a Discord server for the Hold the Line, in which you can manage the community and announce your dev-logs or updates.

Discord is an application like Skype, but holds many more features such as bots, roles and moderating abilities for your Discord Server. It is a free application and is available on all platforms and mobile devices.

Need fix bug in 1774 map. When own cannon stuck in ground when spawned.


My game crash on the loading screen.Can someone help me?
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